Weatherproof label

Did you know that there are labels that are particularly weather-resistant?

Autumn is on its way and with it not only one of the most beautiful times of the year, but above all a weather that demands a lot from the labels that are used outdoors. How good is it then to know that you are using a label that can be used without problems in these weather conditions?

The Metalphoto® labels were developed as permanent, long-lasting barcode labels with the highest reading rate in all environments. Since they are made of anodized aluminum, they last significantly longer than any other barcode label. The print is clear and clean and sealed by a sapphire-hard, anodized surface. This guarantees exceptional durability even under extreme conditions.

Don’t just use our metal labels to mark objects outdoors. Metalphoto® labels are not only weatherproof and UV-resistant, but also resistant to chemicals, solvents and extreme temperatures. Therefore, they are also ideal for marking machines and office equipment in companies. In this way, the stock for the inventory evaluation is determined quickly, accurately, effectively and almost without errors at any time.

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