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Area of application warehouse & logistics

Barcode labels are often used in the warehouse. They not only mark aisles, shelves, storage areas and pallets, but also storage areas on the floor, for example with a barcode integrated in the sturdy steel frame. In this way, they are optimally protected from the tough daily stress caused by industrial trucks and forklifts. The products of ID-LABEL GMBH guarantee a high level of flexibility, speed and the lowest error rates when recording information from a few centimeters to distances of more than meters.

In logistics, labels with an integrated RFID chip for the HF (High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) range are becoming increasingly important. These guarantee effective and safe handling, even for labels that are not directly accessible or visible, and also enable bulk detection of pallets, containers and crates, including their contents.

The use of RFID in the warehouse and in logistics offers several advantages:

  • transparency
    Exact determination of the position of goods or optimized timing for the delivery of goods, complete traceability.
  • Saving money and time
    Bulk recording and acceleration of the inventory, cost reduction in the entire logistic chain.
  • Optimization of warehouse and inventory management
    Reduction of shrinkage, optimizes the availability of goods.
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We offer various solutions for the area of libraries & archives, including:

  • Marking of books and other media
  • Labeling of CD-ROM, CD-Audio, DVD
  • User IDs

Please contact us if you want to label your products in libraries and archives. Together we will find the right solution for your challenge.