… are digitally produced request documents on specified standard raw material, with the complete printing taking place with each individual request. The digital print template (PDF) is provided by the customer or manufactured by the company according to specifications.

A complete printing is carried out according to . Digital print template (PDF) and barcodes for patient and/or sample identification. Only tested and certified adhesive label material is used for bonding on all standard vessels.

Pricing is based on estimated annual requirements and billing is based on individual requests.

The Benefits

The receipts used are the calling card of the laboratory and represent the performance both in the hospital and with the senders.

Despite all the pressure for digitization, laboratory or requirement documents are still an elementary part of the daily organization and laboratory routine. Expectations of modern laboratory operation and of up-to-date laboratory documents at all times continue to rise. Also important are the high demands on availability, flexibility and the associated costs.

Simplify and secure the processes at the sender and in the laboratory. Reduce demand and associated costs. React quickly to new requirements or new parameters specifically for a department or in detail for individual submitters.

Our INCLUDE receipts ensure maximum safety and flexibility for patients and sample identification.

By combining the sequential barcode sample labels in direct connection with the requirement documents (all from one receipt), confusion in sample identification can be avoided.

No additional laboratory receipt needs to be identified by a barcode label.

The variety of different designs and individually possible layouts (label size/number/colors) allows you to adapt specific requirements to the form even for individual customers/senders…. even for short runs.