Solutions for warehouse and logistics

Barcode labels are often used in the warehouse. They not only mark aisles, shelves, storage areas and pallets, but also storage areas on the floor, for example with a barcode integrated in the sturdy steel frame. The products of the ID-LABEL brand guarantee the user a high degree of flexibility, speed and the lowest error rates when capturing information from a few centimeters to distances above meters.

In logistics, labels with an integrated RFID chip for the HF (High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) range are becoming increasingly important. These guarantee effective and safe handling even for markings that are not directly accessible or visible and also enable the bulk detection of pallets, containers and boxes.

With the help of our schematic representation of a storage rack, we illustrate the possible uses of barcode and RFID labels. Of course there are numerous other products that can be used for identification in the warehouse and logistics.

Areas of application

Bearing shields

Warehouse aisle signs are ideal for marking aisles in the warehouse. Talk to us: At ID Systec, all formats, layouts and colors in the field of bearing plates are possible.

Multilevel Signs

Multilevel signs for the identification of all levels of a shelf with only one shield by color layer assignment. If desired, also with an inclined barcode to avoid incorrect readings.

Barcode label

We supply barcode labels in different shapes, materials and codes. The versatile barcode labels can be used in a wide variety of areas.

Soil marking

Consisting of an aluminum frame with an integrated barcode, the label can be attached to the warehouse floor using glue or screws and can withstand even the toughest mechanical demands.

Reflective label

Retroreflective labels for labeling in high-bay warehouses. The angled signs and the retroreflective label ensure more precise readability and are therefore suitable for readings at a height of over 12 m.

Shelf labeling

Identification of individual spaces on a shelf. Almost all formats, colors and materials are possible here. The barcode can also be printed here on retroreflective film.

RFID label

Durable and flexible labels for tracing containers, pallets and products. We combine RFID inlays with a wide variety of materials and adhesives.

Inventory Drawing

Metal labels are suitable for marking machines, vehicles and office equipment in companies. In this way, the inventory for inventory valuation can be determined quickly, in detail, effectively and error-free at any time.