A very important part of the cooperation with the customers of ID Systec Vertrieb Deutschland GmbH is the fast and timely supply of customers or users with products and services.

Order acceptance, customer or sender support

Here, orders or retrievals are received by telephone, e-mail or fax, the customer data is logically checked, updated if necessary and transferred to the product system. If necessary, a personal coordination with the customer takes place and the orders are prioritized and scheduled accordingly.

Data management and data updating

Each individual order is managed in an order database and checked for plausibility, customer data is updated as required and stored in a special database.

Product Update

Changes or additions in products are carried out and documented according to instructions.

Inventory management and product availability

Depending on the product and order, pre-material stocks are managed and permanently monitored, so that delivery capability is ensured at all times.

Scheduling and delivery

The order acceptance coordinates the delivery dates with the customer and ensures optimal shipping.

Billing and delivery statistics

Depending on the order, the billing of the services takes place. Corresponding proof of delivery (delivery statistics) are attached to the invoices.

Special solutions on request

For certain product solutions (e.B sequentially numbered barcode sets), just-in-time supply can be implemented via an online connection. This procedure eliminates the individual orders on the customer side, the orders are automatically generated after actual consumption and delivered on time.