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The iStamps team has been available for years as a comprehensive stamp and token provider for letter services and postal service providers.

With words and deeds, the iStamps team accompanies the customers through their projects. This from the first draft, the first layout, to the programming of barcode programs, the construction of the necessary punching tools to production, quality control and shipping.

Creativity, reliability, excellent product quality, know-how and, last but not least, optimum service are the basis for iStamps’ long-standing cooperation with many letter services and postal service providers.

Discover solutions

Stamp sheets

The 10 brand sheets have established themselves as the most frequently used product of iStamps. By default, it is used to make stamp blocks consisting of 50 pages with 10 stamps each.

The 10-piece brand arches are additionally equipped with longitudinal and transverse perforations, so that the respective number of pieces can be separated in the shop sale. The stamps are self-adhesive and can be easily removed.

In addition to the layout, the individual pages or each individual stamp can be provided with a sequential barcode and plain text number for identification, billing or tracking.

Blank stamped sheets

The blank stamp sheets are used for individual printing in the house of the letter services or at events.

The blank stamp sheets are delivered as single pages with 10 stamps each. The stamps are self-adhesive and can be easily removed.

Individual stamp sheets

Individual brand sheets are completely freely configurable brand sheets that can be produced individually on customer request, even in small quantities (from 2 blocks with 50 pages each) or as individual pieces (from 2 pages).

Brand booklet

Special occasions require tailor-made products, such as 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-brand sheets,oras brand booklets.

The sheets and brand booklets are made of stable, self-adhesive label material and are then individualized according to customer requirements.

As a give-away at events, as a newspaper supplement or as a collector’s item for philatelists, always a good and effective marketing tool. The i-Stamps team is happy to advise on the product selection, design and technical implementation of the perfect product.

First day cards

First day tickets are produced in limited editions on high-quality picture print material also as folded cards and are ideal for the presentation of e.B new stamp series. Whether honors, anniversaries, inaugurations or the presentation of historical works, in combination with the traditional stamp on the stamps a sought-after collector’s item among philatelists and lovers.

Decorative arches

For unique and artistic stamp products we offer Schmuck sheets. Traditionally, decorative sheets are made of very high-quality, dry rubberized paper. The motif or the individual layout can be freely designed according to customer requirements, the perforation for separating the stamps is incorporated according to a classic pattern.

More solutions

Decorative bows

With prelabels you have the opportunity to offer your business customers and bulk buyers personalized 20-brand sheets with their own corporate design, their own layout and with continuous barcoding.

This iStamps product is characterized by simple handling, complete proof of letter flows, secure tracking and simplified and comprehensible billing.

These prelables can be supplied both as a sheet and roll product.

Use in the postal business

An important factor for the letter and parcel service is the traceability of the shipments.
For this area we offer customer-specific labels and customized individual products for use in the postal business. We can also produce these barcoded as sheet or roll goods.

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