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coded sets of labels


With the usage of the EXCLUDE forms our matching barcoded label-sets are adhere to the form to indentify the specimen and the checkmarked inquiries of examinations with the form.

This method of specimen and patient identifikation with preprinted sequenced barcoded sets of labels are the main methode in mostly every clinical and laboratory operation and since then a simply indespensable routine.

barcodes helping with a simpler, safer and faster recognition, capturing of information and preventing input- and transmission-errors. Because of the systemsided linking of the patient-ID with the requested examinations (EXCLUDE-forms) the data of each single order is ready at each working space and analyse system.

The results are matched with the form by the patient-ID and diagnosed.


The requirements regarding the modern laboratory
are raising continously as well as the demand of
availability, flexibility and the related

Barcoded labels for specification and
patient identifikation aren’t thought away by the modern laboratories and
clinic operations.

A barcode provide safer and faster recognition,
capture information in a simple way and deny
input- and transmission-errors.

It coordinates the patient data with the necessary
operations (e.g. medical examinations, diagnosis’)
and is the key to an appropriate and
safer usage of the data.

Barcoded labels associate the precise data collection
with solid and constant workflows at
the sender such as the laboratory. All examinations
are assigned each of your patients.

Due to individualised codings the personalised
even if they are archived from outsiders the informations are
more secure under data protecion law.

Use the opportunity of our standardized
sets of labels or make it your own.

Be it for almost any common sample tubes,
ISEGA-certified or on your demands specialized
adhesive material
(e.g. with resistance against chemicals,
color bathing or for the use in high tempered locations).

We detect the key to your

Due to the combination with our EXCLUDE
you have the opportunity to edit the parameters on the form assigned to
your needs and flexible change the content and optic for each
customer/sender of yourself.

Due to the fast reaction timings of the production,
you will receive a high security of supply.


Examples of our standardized labels
66 x 149mm (2,6 x 5,9'')

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set 12+14

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set 14+6

ID Systec Vertrieb Deutschland GmbH | +49 4321 8804-0

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