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In libraries and archives, the barcode labels, but also the increasingly popular RFID labels, are particularly suitable for marking the inventory over decades. By marking a book with a barcode and an integrated RFID chip, not only can the borrowing and return system be optimized, for example several books can be “read” at once and assigned to the user, but the current inventory can also be checked at any time through a quick inventory be determined.

Integrated security features protect against theft and enable secure “self-borrowing” for extended opening times. The barcode and RFID labels can also be used for identification in archives, making document management easier.

RFID in libraries and archives offers numerous advantages:

  • Posting
    Self-booking, batch processing, no positioning or opening required, automatic return machines.
  • Anti-theft
    Registration of which medium was stolen.
  • “Intelligent Shelf”
    Immediate detection of media placed on the shelf or removed.
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We offer various solutions for the area of libraries & archives, including:

  • Marking of books and other media
  • Labeling of CD-ROM, CD-Audio, DVD
  • User IDs

Please contact us if you want to label your products in libraries and archives. Together we will find the right solution for your challenge.